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Beauty for Ashes is the evidence of healing each contributor has experienced through the IWrite2Heal Program sponsored by New Millennial Christian Publishing and DT Rector Empowers. This 6-month writing program helps women turn their broken moments into profitable endless possibilities.

In this book anthology, you will adventure through struggles, pains, and disappointments. However, with each valley experience there is always a mountain to be climbed and a new perspective, journey and outcome to be embraced.

Each “brave warrior woman” shares her most intimate moments of how she has traded in her ashes for beauty as she leaves evidence of victory from every battle, challenge, and setback.

You will cry, laugh, experience anger and joy as you journey through their healing steps. You will become a witness by stepping back in their shoes and reading their testimonies! Get ready for the shakeup and sifting for beauty from their perfected brokenness!